How not to have an Abortion

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Abortions is a very sensitive topic to be discussed in Nigeria which a lot of people shy away from because of various reasons mostly religious reasons, it is still however occurring. In Nigeria abortions are illegal except in a case where the life of the woman has to be saved, hence, it’s tagged a life saving procedure. In other countries there are different Abortion laws with the various conditions. One would think that as religious as Nigeria is plus the abortion law in place the abortion rate would be low,

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Know the STI: Chlamydia


Chlamydia is a bacterial infection; it is common and can be easily cured with the use of antibiotics. It is caused by Chlamydia trachomatis. It is found most frequently in sexually active adolescents and young adults. The infection is asymptomatic in both men and women.
In women, it can infect the fallopian tubes,

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The Role of Men in Supporting Pregnancy.

It is quite common to find that most men are quite confused on what to do when their partners are pregnant so they either become a bit distant or they end up frustrated as they have no clue on what to do. Remember that you and your partner made the baby together so it is quite important you continue the journey together. you cannot carry the baby but you sure can be understanding and provide unending support to your partner she is in a very fragile position and needs to be protected from anything or anyone that can cause harm to her physically or mentally(you can add spiritually if you like). Here are a few tips to give you an idea on how to Continue reading “The Role of Men in Supporting Pregnancy.”

10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat and Avoid in Pregnancy.


fruits contain more vitamins than vegetables. Most fruits are exceptionally cleansing and alkalizing, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and to regulate the digestive system by improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Here are 10 amazing locally available fruits to try  during pregnancy if you haven’t:

AVOCADOS: a high source of folate than other fruits good source of potassium, vitamin B, K, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Continue reading “10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat and Avoid in Pregnancy.”

Malaria in Pregnancy


Malaria is an infection that is endemic in Nigeria, we practically take malaria as a normal occurrence.  Adults who have survived repeated malaria infections throughout their lifetimes may become partially immune to severe or fatal malaria.  It is, however, dangerous for pregnant women to have malaria during the period of pregnancy, this is due to the changes that occur in the immune system during pregnancy and the presence of the placenta (a new organ) for parasites to bind, hence, pregnant women lose some of their immunity to malaria infection.


Some of the effects of malaria during pregnancy include:

Anaemia in the mother.

Anaemia in the child.

placental parasitemia (presence of parasites in the blood)

Low birth weight (<2500g or <2.5kg) a risk factor for death premature delivery

intrauterine growth retardation and

fetal loss.


IPTp( intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy)

IPTp entails administration of a curative dose of an effective antimalarial drug (currently sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine) to all pregnant women whether or not they are infected with the malaria parasite. IPTp should be given at each routine antenatal care visit, starting in the second trimester. So if you go for your antenatal classes regularly you would be given your IPTp. The sooner you get them the better.


All of these conditions have great effects on the health of the mother and child so it’s best to be avoided, Some of the ways in which malaria can be prevented during pregnancy include:

  • Use of long lasting insecticide treated nets
  • Keeping the environment clean.
  • Clearing the bushes around your house.
  • Avoid accumulation of stagnant water in your environment.
  • Also, use of IPTp from the second trimester of



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