First Things To know About Infertility.

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When you hear about infertility what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course, a married couple. I mean you hardly see a single person complaining of infertility.  People married for quite a number of years, and if you are Nigerian, few mother-in-law dramas because after the loud and big wedding the next thing is a baby bump and yes spending a reasonable amount of time in prayer houses. These are the starter packs for infertility.

I also noticed most times the woman is always at the receiving end. Everybody automatically assumes she’s the one with the problem which is false because the problem can be from the husband too.


Fun Facts

Infertility can affect one or both partners. In general: Continue reading “First Things To know About Infertility.”

Anovulation: Infertile Menstruation

Today we see a lot of cases of infertility in Nigeria today, both young and old couples trying various means to get the fruit of the womb and most times they have no idea on what seems to be the problem, sometimes it could be one of the couple or even both having issues with their fertility and these issues are not detected on time. Individuals only become conscious of it when trying to conceive and then they realize something is wrong.
Menstruation is seen as a sign of fertility but it is not always so, for pregnancy to occur an egg(ovum) has to be released every month Continue reading “Anovulation: Infertile Menstruation”

How To Survive Lagos Toilets Without Infections.

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I was talking with a couple of friends recently and something brought up the toilet infection topic.  I actually found out that people were still having infections regularly and I was thinking in my head like I haven’t even had one episode of toilet infection in years, my last episode was like in secondary school that I remember and am actually not exaggerating this, so I thought to myself maybe I should just share my secrets so I came up with a few. Continue reading “How To Survive Lagos Toilets Without Infections.”




The joy of every woman is to carry her own baby. The emotional trauma and anxiety involved with infertility can be quite disturbing. Infertility is one condition occurring more frequently in Nigeria today. I discovered that women can take steps to improve their fertility and prepare for conception through interventions known as preconception care which is highly recommended by the World Health Organisation. If women are more aware Continue reading “IMPROVING PREGNANCY OUTCOMES THROUGH PRECONCEPTION CARE”