DIY Breastfeeding Station: The Nigerian Mum’s Guide

Breastfeeding station

There is one important thing I know about breastfeeding Which is you need to take your time when you want to breastfeed. You need to avoid distractions and get super comfortable so you and baby can enjoy every breastfeeding moment. The beauty of avoiding distractions and being comfortable during breastfeeding sessions is baby gets to feed well and get the proper amount of milk they need and the breasts are emptied

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Daddy Series: How to support your partner with Breastfeeding.



New dads have a vital role to play in supporting their partners during breastfeeding. You might think well I don’t have the breast and I can’t breastfeed so how am I supposed to help? So I am here to help you with that. Did you know that women are more likely to breastfeed longer when they have their partners support them? Continue reading “Daddy Series: How to support your partner with Breastfeeding.”

Breastfeeding Basics: Getting the Latch Right.

Getting the latch right

The average Nigerian woman decides to breastfeed or wants to breastfeed. I am not talking exclusively just breastfeeding in general but I find that most have difficulty with establishing a steady milk supply and hence have to stop breastfeeding before 6months or have to introduce formula to breastfeeding. One of the things that affect achieving a steady milk supply is not getting your baby to latch properly on to the breast. So I asked a new mum just some minutes after delivering if she could breastfeed, all the relatives Continue reading “Breastfeeding Basics: Getting the Latch Right.”

How To Increase Your Milk Supply With A Bowl Of Oatmeal.

Oats is a meal of nourishing goodness, bursting with lots of fibers. If you want to go on a diet or lower your cholesterol level oats is your go to meal. However, did you know you could also use it to increase your milk supply?

There is no scientific evidence regarding how oatmeal really increases milk supply. It, however, seems to work for some women. It is also recommended by lactation consultants to help in increasing milk supply.

How to increase your milk supply with a bowl of oatmeal (1)

Oats contain a high concentration of saponins, it is an immune stimulating compound which may help increase levels of prolactin. Prolactin is a very important hormone for milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Oats are also packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as iron which makes it a healthy choice for breastfeeding mothers.


Low level of irons in the body (anemia) of the breastfeeding mother can decrease milk supply, oats have lots of iron in it. So it would make a lot of sense to eat oats to increase the iron levels and in turn, increase the milk supply.

How to increase your milk supply with a bowl of oatmeal (2)

One bowl of hot oatmeal every day would do the trick.  You can also try foods which contain oats like oat cookies, works for some women and doesn’t for some, but you have to try first and see it works for you.


Its a win- win for all, mummy gets to be healthy and baby gets all the milk they want and needs to grow.


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In my previous post HERE  I talked about breast engorgement and the various ways of relieving it such as expressing and use of cold cabbage leaves. This post is a continuation to that post and I decided to talk about how to use cabbage leaves to relieve engorgement. Cabbage basically is a common vegetable and it is easily accessible.  Cabbage leaves can be used  to help relieve swelling and relieve the pain and discomfort that comes with breast engorgement. There is really no known property within the cabbage itself that has shown to help relieve the swelling and pain or if the swelling goes down because the cabbage leaves are acting as a cold


Exclusive breastfeeding and the working mum

breasfeeding mum

Being a career woman  and juggling motherhood is not quite easy, then you have to couple it up with breastfeeding your baby. Being  a first time mum, it can be quite overwhelming cause it is a new experience and all. During antenatal classes we are being encouraged to breastfeed for six months and taught all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding by the midwives and it seems all easy but in reality with all the work and having just 3 months for maternity leave , Is it possible to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months? Yes you can, it is very possible, you have to be committed to it. I must tell you it would not be easy and there would be times when you would want to give up. Juggling work and breastfeeding requires good planning and commitment, I have a few tips to help you juggle work and breastfeeding.


  • Get support

You need all the support you can get at this time. By support I mean your significant other (husband), family, friends or a nanny to help with the baby. If your significant other has a flexible job schedule (lucky you) he can help with feeding the baby. Before leaving for work nurse your baby and then express adequate milk for baby pending the time you would be away from baby. I knew of a breastfeeding mother who was a student, she takes her mum along with her to school and when it is break time she goes down to nurse her baby or excuses herself to nurse her baby. It can work for some all you need to do is find something that works for you.

  • You should consider expressing your milk

Expressing your milk is another option that you can consider. Once you express you refrigerate and warm up when it is time for baby to feed, if you can get a breast pump invest in one it saves time and even better if it a hands free breast pump. During the period of pumping you can multitask, you can get that presentation done during this time or send those emails you have to send through you phone or laptop.

  • Talk with your boss

Talk to your boss about your plans to breast feed, you might not think it necessary but if want to convince your boss that breastfeeding would not interfere with work you would have to talk to them. What if your boss is a male and he doesn’t understand? You can start by hinting him early about your plans to breastfeed and explain how you can make up for the time that you lost at work to breastfeeding or use your break time to breastfeed.

  • Get a crèche close to work

This can be an option mum’s who don’t have anyone to stay with baby at home. Get a crèche close to work and put your baby there, when you on break at work you can walk down to the crèche and nurse your baby and pump if time permits and you would be back at work in no time or whatever time you can arrange with your boss, you can also arrange with a colleague at work to help cover for you when you would be away.

  • When you are with baby nurse don’t bottle feed : your baby is best at stimulating your milk supply
  • Consider working from home or bringing the baby to work if that is a viable option.


Anytime you want to give up remind yourself of all the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding and it would motivate you to keep going.


n.b: Next post would be on proper storage of expressed breast milk don’t miss it .


21 reasons why to breastfeed.


1) breast milk provides the perfect nutrition for infants.
2) breastfeeding promotes binding between mother and baby.
3) breast milk contains immunities to diseases and acids in the development of baby’s immune system.
4) breast milk is more digestible than formula.
5) breast milk is always ready and comes in a nicer package than formula.
6) suckling helps mother by helping to shrink the uterus(womb) after birth.
7) breastfeeding helps the mother lose weight after baby is born.
8) not breastfeeding increases the mother’s risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer.
9) breastfeeding decreases maternal chances of osteoporosis later in life .
10) breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive.
11) breastfeeding protects baby from diarrhea.
12) breastfeeding results in less sick day for parents.
13) breastfeeding enhances vaccine effectiveness.
14) breast milk is free and breastfeeding is economical.
15)breastfed babies are healthier overall.
16)formula feeding is associated with lower IQ’s.
17) breast milk is the perfect food for a sick baby.
18) there is more sleep for mum, dad and baby.
19)fresh breast milk is never contaminated with bacteria.
20) better cognitive and social development.
21) and lastly breastfed babies smell fantastic

I could go on but I promised 21 🙂 keep breastfeeding!!

Florence Folami, Lori Fey .101 reasons to breastfeed.St mary’s hospital, Decatur illnois.