Smoking and pregnancy 2


Smoking and pregnancy post continues and this post would be about the effects smoking can have on you and your baby.
Some of the effects smoking have  (including second hand and third hand smoke) on the mother include:
1)Ectopic pregnancy: it occurs when the fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus(womb) and begins to grow and such pregnancy cannot result in the birth of a baby. This is most applicable to women seeking to conceive either for the first time or for subsequent other pregnancies .
2) Low lying placenta : this is when the placenta lies very low in the uterus thereby blocking all or part of the cervix , the cervix is the opening to the uterus.
It also has other effects such as vaginal bleeding and still birth .
These conditions affect the outcome of pregnancy and if not well managed have negative implications during pregnancy and labor.

What effects will smoking have on your baby?
Firstly the chemicals gotten from smoking lessen the amount of oxygen your baby gets and oxygen is very important for helping your baby grow healthy. It also causes your baby to weigh less than he should throughout pregnancy.
Babies can also be born with birth defects like cleft lip or cleft palate .
Smoking is also known to be one of the leading causes of preterm birth.
……..So next time there is a party at home avoid the cooking area the smoke is bad for you and your baby.

4 things you should know this season

This season is the season of love, happiness and sharing. There is a lot of love in the air so everyone would definitely catch the love fever. There are  four things you should remember in this season .


  1) If you not ready to make another baby ensure you make use of a good form of contraception ,(could be condoms or pills) any contraceptive of choice. But if its time to make another baby make the most of the season and make that baby.

2) This is for my lovely mothers ,your child’s health is of utmost importance this season. The weather is harsh with a lot of flu in the air, keep their skin well moisturized with the use of oils  and keep them as warm as possible we don’t want  them coming down with a flu. Also ensure that they are hydrated as much as possible .

3)  Take this festive period to relax and enjoy , relieve yourself of stress. Preggo or nursing mother , you can have a weekend getaway and bond with that lovely significant other.


4) Last but not the least is for my preggoes ,please avoid alcohol and smoking in this festive period. There would be a lot of it around try as much as possible to avoid it . we definitely want you and the baby coming out healthy.


Make the most of the season and enjoy.
Happy holidays!!!!!

Smoking and pregnancy


“Smokers are liable to die young” that is heard everyday by people but it is still posing a problem in the society today Smoking is particularly bad for you in pregnancy, it can cause serious health conditions such as cancer of the lungs. Apart from it being a cause of cancer, smoking before pregnancy makes it more difficult for you to get pregnant.
Smoking when pregnant is bad for both you and your baby. When you smoke you pass harmful chemicals such as nicotine to your baby through the placenta and umbilical cord which can cause health conditions.
Some would say “well I don’t smoke how does this concern me” well it does because there are other ways by which these harmful chemical substances  from smoke can get into your body without actively smoking . It is called passive smoking and there are two ways in which it occurs : second hand smoke  and third hand smoke .

Second-hand smoke
   Second-hand smoke is the smoke you breathe in from someone else’s cigarette. In other words being around people that smoke is bad for you and the baby. It can cause your baby to be born with a low birth weight.


Third-hand smoke
      Third- hand smoke is what is left behind from tobacco and cigarette smoke. It could be carbon monoxide or lead. It is the residual smell that is left on the clothes of people that smoke. Mothers who use cooking stoves the smoke that comes when you use water to kill the fire is carbon monoxide that smoke is unhealthy for you and your baby. This smoke can cause asthma, breathing problems or learning disorders for your baby.
So today avoid smoke get good fresh air and you and your baby would turn out healthy .
To be continued……

Tips to maintaining a healthy vagina

First topic would be care of the vagina(a muscular hollow tube) ,to start from the basics which every female has, when the vagina is not well taken care of it could lead to infections such as yeast infections , vaginitis  and sometimes urethral infections .Here are some tips to follow :
1) The vagina is naturally self-cleansing
wash the vulva( external visible part of the genitals) daily with soap and water to keep clean always.



Wear cotton panties
Wear cotton panties or if not cotton ensure the inner part of the panties are lined with cotton. Cotton helps to absorb moisture and prevent the growth  of  unwanted bacteria.

3) Wipe from the front to the back
after using the toilet wipe from the front to the back because you can carry bacteria from the anus to vagina if done otherwise . you can use water to wash first and follow-up with paper towel because some people are uncomfortable  with the smallest amount of moisture .
4) Douching is unhealthy for the vagina
A douche flushes water up into the vagina clearing out vagina secretions .


Then some use their hands to clean themselves, they feel  it is dirty and necessary to wash .A douche or douching can disrupt the normal vagina bacteria making you prone to other bacteria which can lead to infections . the vagina is self-cleansing have no worries about it .
5) Avoid scented wipes and vagina deodorants
These are perfumed products to make the vagina smell good .These perfumed
products can disrupt the vagina’s healthy natural balance . vagina’s are not made to smell like roses so why disturb it , these products disrupt the acidic pH of the vagina exposing you to infections.

These few tips would help maintain a clean healthy vagina follow them and you would be glad you did

Hi mums!!!!


Hi!! am jummie aka jadeb, this is my first post on preggies n babies. P&B is all about women’s health as well as their babies .I hope to help to correct and clarify misconceptions about women’s health in a fun interactive way and I hope my preggies and mama’s find it helpful. Happy reading!!!