10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat and Avoid in Pregnancy.


fruits contain more vitamins than vegetables. Most fruits are exceptionally cleansing and alkalizing, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and to regulate the digestive system by improving the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Here are 10 amazing locally available fruits to try  during pregnancy if you haven’t:

AVOCADOS: a high source of folate than other fruits good source of potassium, vitamin B, K, fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Continue reading “10 Nutritious Fruits to Eat and Avoid in Pregnancy.”

DIY Breastfeeding Station: The Nigerian Mum’s Guide

Breastfeeding station

There is one important thing I know about breastfeeding Which is you need to take your time when you want to breastfeed. You need to avoid distractions and get super comfortable so you and baby can enjoy every breastfeeding moment. The beauty of avoiding distractions and being comfortable during breastfeeding sessions is baby gets to feed well and get the proper amount of milk they need and the breasts are emptied

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Malaria in Pregnancy


Malaria is an infection that is endemic in Nigeria, we practically take malaria as a normal occurrence.  Adults who have survived repeated malaria infections throughout their lifetimes may become partially immune to severe or fatal malaria.  It is, however, dangerous for pregnant women to have malaria during the period of pregnancy, this is due to the changes that occur in the immune system during pregnancy and the presence of the placenta (a new organ) for parasites to bind, hence, pregnant women lose some of their immunity to malaria infection.



Some of the effects of malaria during pregnancy include:

Anaemia in the mother.

Anaemia in the child.

placental parasitemia (presence of parasites in the blood)

Low birth weight (<2500g or <2.5kg) a risk factor for death premature delivery

intrauterine growth retardation and

fetal loss.


IPTp( intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy)

IPTp entails administration of a curative dose of an effective antimalarial drug (currently sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine) to all pregnant women whether or not they are infected with the malaria parasite. IPTp should be given at each routine antenatal care visit, starting in the second trimester. So if you go for your antenatal classes regularly you would be given your IPTp. The sooner you get them the better.


All of these conditions have great effects on the health of the mother and child so it’s best to be avoided, Some of the ways in which malaria can be prevented during pregnancy include:

  • Use of long lasting insecticide treated nets
  • Keeping the environment clean.
  • Clearing the bushes around your house.
  • Avoid accumulation of stagnant water in your environment.
  • Also, use of IPTp from the second trimester of pregnancy.www.preggiesnbabies.com



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5 Things No One Tells You Before Going To The Labor Room.

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  1. Screaming doesn’t relieve the pain: This might be hard to believe but screaming does not help that much, it only takes all your energy. You need all the energy you can get to push that baby so avoid screaming if you can.
  2. Breathe!! If you get to the labor room and your contractions come in you would hear your midwife tell you to breathe in and out. Breathing helps a lot with the pain trust me on this. But for it to be very effective you have to practice your breathing before you get to the labor room, also consider yoga, yoga makes you conscious of your breathing so it helps when you need those breathes.
  3. Get someone to give backrubs a support person. If you are lucky your midwife can give you back rubs or you can get a doula or your partner can help with giving back rubs because when the contractions kick in hard you need all the back rubs you can get. 
  4. Learn your pushing techniques:  Do not push till its time. A lot of women especially first time mothers push before its time to push and end up with a cervical tear. Always listen to your midwife she would tell you when to push. Learn a pushing technique in order to push effectively  don’t waste those contractions.
  5. Save your energy for the big push. Last but not the least save your energy for the big push. 

    Avoid screaming, breathe, get back rubs, push effectively and always save your energy for the big push and you are sure to have a wonderful birth experience.

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    Daddy Series: How to support your partner with Breastfeeding.



    New dads have a vital role to play in supporting their partners during breastfeeding. You might think well I don’t have the breast and I can’t breastfeed so how am I supposed to help? So I am here to help you with that. Did you know that women are more likely to breastfeed longer when they have their partners support them? Continue reading “Daddy Series: How to support your partner with Breastfeeding.”

    Breastfeeding Basics: Getting the Latch Right.

    Getting the latch right

    The average Nigerian woman decides to breastfeed or wants to breastfeed. I am not talking exclusively just breastfeeding in general but I find that most have difficulty with establishing a steady milk supply and hence have to stop breastfeeding before 6months or have to introduce formula to breastfeeding. One of the things that affect achieving a steady milk supply is not getting your baby to latch properly on to the breast. So I asked a new mum just some minutes after delivering if she could breastfeed, all the relatives Continue reading “Breastfeeding Basics: Getting the Latch Right.”

    Daddy Series: Why is my pregnant wife so cranky?

    I did a survey on men, asked what they would like to know when their patners are pregnant or things they wished they had known when their partners were pregnant, something common to all of them was the mood swings so I decided to shed some light on it.

    Why is pregnant why so cranky?

    As a dad-to-be, one of the things you would experience during pregnancy is your partner’s constantly changing mood. So there is a couple who had lots of

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    How To Increase Your Milk Supply With A Bowl Of Oatmeal.

    Oats is a meal of nourishing goodness, bursting with lots of fibers. If you want to go on a diet or lower your cholesterol level oats is your go to meal. However, did you know you could also use it to increase your milk supply?

    There is no scientific evidence regarding how oatmeal really increases milk supply. It, however, seems to work for some women. It is also recommended by lactation consultants to help in increasing milk supply.

    How to increase your milk supply with a bowl of oatmeal (1)

    Oats contain a high concentration of saponins, it is an immune stimulating compound which may help increase levels of prolactin. Prolactin is a very important hormone for milk production in breastfeeding mothers. Oats are also packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals such as iron which makes it a healthy choice for breastfeeding mothers.


    Low level of irons in the body (anemia) of the breastfeeding mother can decrease milk supply, oats have lots of iron in it. So it would make a lot of sense to eat oats to increase the iron levels and in turn, increase the milk supply.

    How to increase your milk supply with a bowl of oatmeal (2)

    One bowl of hot oatmeal every day would do the trick.  You can also try foods which contain oats like oat cookies, works for some women and doesn’t for some, but you have to try first and see it works for you.


    Its a win- win for all, mummy gets to be healthy and baby gets all the milk they want and needs to grow.


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