Passage Between Your Legs: The Pleasure workshop.

The fourth edition of Passage Between Your Legs took place on the 10th of November, started at 2pm. This edition was titled “pleasure 101” and it was aimed at letting young people understand pleasure and how it can be translated into practicing safe sex. All activities done were aimed at ensuring each participant learnt a thing or two on their sexual health.

Introductions were made as there were new members. General rule is to say your name and mention a word related to sexuality (this is aimed and dispelling the stereotypes on sexual health). Mtv Shuga, a series on issues of sexual and reproductive health was showed, it lasted for 20 mins, a discussion on lessons learned include:

– Transactional sex,

– The importance of teaching comprehensive sexuality education to young people as they are always curious.

-Relationship dynamics and the importance of communicating with a partner.

So you think you can wear a condom?

Second activity was the condom-line up game. This game aims at teaching that using of condoms was beyond just a wearing process and it can be a pleasurable activity. Safe to say we now have people who are pros in using a condom correctly.

The final activity was the disussion on Pleasure 101.

Questions asked:

  • What is low libido and how can it improved?
  • Masturbation makes one want more sex and one cannot be satisfied.

Key take aways

What does pleasure mean to you?

  1. Know your erogenous zones such as the lips, breast, navel, inner thighs etc. Know what turns you on and off.

We are all the same parts but organized in a different way

-Emily Nagoski

Centering your pleasure:

  1. It is important to always communicate with a partner.
  2. Not all sex leads to orgasms, focus on enjoying the ride and not the end goal. This does not mean you should not want an orgasm its is your right to get an orgasm.
  3. understand your body. Know what your sex organs look and feel like and a good way to do that is masturbation.
  4. Pleasure is beyond penetration.
  5. Consent sex is pleasurable sex.

….With knowledge of pleasure how then can we have pleasurable safe sex?

Condom pleasure tips . We shared some tips on how to make condom pleausrable

Consent: always seek consent, with consent you are more relaxed and interested.

Sexual responsibility . When you know you have protected yourself from sti and unplanned pregnancy you are more likely to relax and enjoy sex with you partner.

After the session, we all took time to talk to each other. This is the last session for the year, passage Between your Legs resumes February 2019 and we hope you can join us.

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