Natural baby skin care products

So this day at the clinic, I saw this baby and what attracted me to her was the  reddened peeling skin with rashes, I was quite sad  because that would be very uncomfortable for the child. I later found out that it was as a result of the baby oil the mother used which was fake (can you imagine??). It got me thinking that even if the oil wasn’t fake there are cases similar to this which doesn’t involve fake products. The chemical used for most of the baby products in the market are not mild on their skin. The best products doesn’t have to be the most popular or most expensive ones in  the market but the ones that contain natural and water based ingredients which are Hypoallergenic (that is causing causing few or no allergies).
  There are natural products such as essential oils, Shea butter, coconut oil which can be used for baby’s skin. They are good and have few or no reactions. I recently found a brand with hypoallergenic products for baby skin and I decided guy to share. The brand is Dudu Osun and their products include :
The Moisturizing lotion


After service one Sunday, I went baby hunting( love babies) and I carried one of  my babies, I perceived a very nice odour went to ask the mum what she used for the baby and I  discovered it was the Dudu Osun moisturizing lotion .
It contain Shea butter, camwood extracts, and coconut oil derived triglycerides. It absorbs easily, non-greasy , smells good a mix of the coconut oil and the shea butter and it also moisturizes the skin which is one of the most important things in baby skin care.

The Shea butter


This is pure Shea butter no additives , its saves the stress of trying to identify the real or fake Shea butter in the market. Shea butter has a lot of uses such as prevention of skin irritations, I use mine for my natural hair. The best part is mummy and baby can use it.


The black soap


The soap is made from pure honey, Shea butter, camwood, aloe vera, lime juice. The natural constituents makes it good for baby’s skin and you have lesser reactions.
These products are very affordable and both baby and mummy can use it.


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