Tips to maintaining a healthy vagina

First topic would be care of the vagina(a muscular hollow tube) ,to start from the basics which every female has, when the vagina is not well taken care of it could lead to infections such as yeast infections , vaginitis  and sometimes urethral infections .Here are some tips to follow :
1) The vagina is naturally self-cleansing
wash the vulva( external visible part of the genitals) daily with soap and water to keep clean always.



Wear cotton panties
Wear cotton panties or if not cotton ensure the inner part of the panties are lined with cotton. Cotton helps to absorb moisture and prevent the growth  of  unwanted bacteria.

3) Wipe from the front to the back
after using the toilet wipe from the front to the back because you can carry bacteria from the anus to vagina if done otherwise . you can use water to wash first and follow-up with paper towel because some people are uncomfortable  with the smallest amount of moisture .
4) Douching is unhealthy for the vagina
A douche flushes water up into the vagina clearing out vagina secretions .


Then some use their hands to clean themselves, they feel  it is dirty and necessary to wash .A douche or douching can disrupt the normal vagina bacteria making you prone to other bacteria which can lead to infections . the vagina is self-cleansing have no worries about it .
5) Avoid scented wipes and vagina deodorants
These are perfumed products to make the vagina smell good .These perfumed
products can disrupt the vagina’s healthy natural balance . vagina’s are not made to smell like roses so why disturb it , these products disrupt the acidic pH of the vagina exposing you to infections.

These few tips would help maintain a clean healthy vagina follow them and you would be glad you did

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